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RIVIERA GOLF ESTATES is one of the oldest and finest "over 55" retirement communities in Naples, Florida: neat, well-kept homes - about 300 manufactured and 400 block, friendly people, in a community with a clubhouse, a separate fitness center, 60 feet of swimming pool, tennis courts, bocce and shuffleboard areas and, naturally, a golf course. More activities in a month than any one person could participate in. We are quite proud of our community and we invite you to explore our site.

A click on Facilities on the left navigation bar will take you on a tour of the inside of our clubhouse. You will also see our pool and shuffleboard area.

No, tents, log cabins, RVs or skyscrapers. We are a compatible mix of permanent concrete block homes (CBS) and manufactured homes (MFG) where we live rather comfortably. See "Our Homes."

Links under "Activities" will take you to more groups than you can imagine. We guarantee that at least one will interest you.

We have set aside a special group of our activities and called them "Services" because the people involved are more than having fun. They are working to help other people. You can be on the giving or receiving or both ends.

In Riviera Outdoor Scenes are seen some of the pictures our residents have taken from their homes or yards. They include birds, animals, flowers, lakes, etc.

Dinners, Dances, Luncheons, etc. Find out about the people responsible for these great parties. They need help. And see some photos of Riviera members having fun. Photos of the annual Riviera Golf Tournament can be seen there, too.

A click on the monthly newsletter and calendar will give you an online version of documents that are delivered to your home each month.

When you link to The Board you will find the Board of Directors and the various groups and committees they administer. You can read the minutes of the board meetings by clicking in the bar on the left at Board Minutes. You can also reach the most recent Minutes from the Pop-up Menu which appears when you point at "Minutes" in the menu beneath the pictures above.

Click on Rules & Regulations will give you are partial listing of the Rules and Regulations. You will also find links to the recently updated Bylaws and Covenants.

Home Owner Tips will link you to some of Services you might find valuable and some of the rules you should know about. Also what to do when a hurricane looms.

Under FORMS in the menu under the pictures at the top, you will find printable copies of the ARB (Architectural Review Board) Request Form and the Emergency Information Form which provides us with info about how to contact you when you are away from Riviera.

Click on CONTACT US if you want to send the Webmaster a message.

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